“Since receiving care at The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Mt. Vernon, I have much more mobility and much less pain. Everyday activities are more pleasant without the pain and stiffness. Friendliness of everyone at the center rates pretty high but the most is Dr. Beth listening to her patients, understanding their concerns, and being diligent in helping them.”
– Jim H.

“I have improved my physical health with adjustments decreasing my neck and back pain. The stretches given to me help me stay consistent and build muscle where needed.”
– Andrea K.

“All the staff is wonderful and polite, this has been my most positive experience with any physician. Wonderful people!”
– Mark S.

“I noticed results two weeks after starting care. Definitely give chiropractic a try. The results have been long-lasting.”
– Mike M.

“I used to have four headaches per week off and on for five years. Since starting care, my headaches have gone down to one time per week. I would tell my friends and family to definitely give chiropractic a try!”
– Amanda D.

“Chiropractic care has allowed me to continue to do my favorite activities. I started seeing results after a day of treatment.”
-Gabe M.