Chiropractic adjustments/ manipulations unleash the body’s healing potential by restoring movement to the musculoskeletal system and balancing the nervous system.



Spinal Traction

Traction is a form of spinal decompression that relieves pain and pressure from the joints of the spine. It is commonly used to treat conditions such as degenerative disc, arthritis, sciatica, etc.


Acupuncture has existed for over thousands of years. Every living being has energy that flows throughout, which travels in channels/ meridians. Acupuncture balances these energies to heal the body.


Daily stress causes increased tension on the muscular system. Hydromassage allows the muscular system to relax and improve circulation, which aids in stress reduction. It also improves the adjustment!

Electrical Stimulation (e-stim)

E-stim is a very comfortable therapy used for reducing muscular tension and increasing the healing rate of soft tissues. Some say it feels like a relaxing tingling sensation.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasonic waves are delivered to encourage the breakdown of scar tissue and reduce inflammation/ swelling. Commonly treated conditions include tendonitis and chronic joint pain.